We are happy to announce our new partner...

As the world’s leading system provider for industrial slicing, automation and packaging technology, we are driven by passion and commitment, aiming for the best solution for our customers’ applications and requirements.


We are glad to announce, that we have decided to cooperate from January 1st 2019 with company Compass. The company is headed by Mr. Bahri Yagimli, who carries a broad experience within the food industry and is familiar with the Weber portfolio. He will be your right partner to bring forward the latest technology in slicing and packaging to Turkey.


Early next year we are planning to introduce the new Weber-Compass Team to you. Therefore Mr. Yagimli will contact you anytime soon to fix relevant appointments.


Also upcoming is the Foteg exhibition in Istanbul in March 2019 (7.-10.), where we are going to showcase the latest developments in industrial slicing and packaging technology. We are looking forward to welcoming you on the Compass booth.


It is our sincere aim to continue and extend our partnership in the best way possible.



Kind regards,