TOMRA Sorting has a solution for meat sorting and in-line meat analysis.

From diced to ground meat, IQF meat, small trim and bacon bits TOMRA has a sorting and inspection solution to analyse the fat, moisture, protein and collagen content in meat.

The TOMRA process analytics solutions can either automate parts of your process or enable your operators to control the process. In either case, adding real-time meat analysis directly to your production lines will simplify the operating process and help you save time and improve yield.

Meat - "QVision In-line Fat Analyzer"

QVision In-line Fat Analyzer

TOMRA Sorting has a solution for in-line fresh and frozen ground meat analysis.

TOMRA’s inspection solution is able to analyse fat, protein, moisture and collagen content in ground meat, at any grind size. Mechanically separated meat and LFTB (Lean Finely Textured Beef) can also be analysed.


The QVision Fat Analyzer is typically installed directly after the grinder or dicer to ensure the same level of fat content in a batch that is either operator controlled or integrated to automation systems.