Our Partners in Meat Industry

• Carcass Classification and Automatic Grading
• Shredding Line
• Mechanical Deboning
• Process Preparation
• Fat, Protein, Collagen, Humidity Analysis
• Cube Cutting and Meat Slicing
• Marination and Massaging
• Filling
• Cooking and Climatic Units
• Vacuum Packaging
• Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
• Line End Solution
• Automation
• Hygiene and Cleaning Equipment

As Compass, we represent leading international companies in Turkey and we offer exact solutions starting from the grading phase of the carcass to the final product packaging, collation and palletization. 

In order to keep production costs under control, we analyze the carcass which is the main raw material, with a special technology at the beginning of operation according to meat and fat class. In the meat processing industry remains of meat, which cannot be completely removed from bones during the cutting process, represent a significant cost factor. For this, the meat recovery units from Compass offer the perfect solution. 

Then, our solutions come to the stage of cutting, slicing, marinating and massaging, preparing fresh or frozen minced meat, mixing, emulsifying and filling final products in the preparation stage for product freshness or processing respectively.

We offer cooking, smoking, cooling fermentation and climatic room solutions for delicatessen products. 

With hygiene and cleaning solutions Compass ensure that the entire production area is appropriate for the hygiene requirements.

You can pack your products with a vacuum or modified atmosphere packaging solutions and automation systems for line end solutions from Compass. Now your products are ready to dispatch to the end customers.

We will appreciate to be your solution partner.

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